Canfield Dorwin's Questionable Circumstances

2002 Glenn F. Cartwright

On a Saturday in 1869, Canfield Dorwin, brother of Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin, onetime American Consul General in Montreal and a partner of C. Dorwin & Company, brokers, disappeared mysteriously.  His company was found to be missing $8,000 and it was presumed that he had taken it.

News of the alleged embezzlement reached Toronto and was reported in the local paper:

There is also a good deal of talk in the city about the disappearance of Canfield Dorwin, one of the partners in the firm of C. Dorwin & Co., brokers, who, it is said, left the city on Saturday, and that his whereabouts cannot be discovered.  It seems to be a fact that this old house has also suspended, and it is stated that Mr. Dorwin has taken $8,000 with him.  Extent of liabilities not ascertained.  Mr. Dorwin’s partner, Mr. Gault, is still here (The Globe. Toronto, Tuesday March 16, 1869).

December 24, 2002

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