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Mr. Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin was president of the Industry Village and Rawdon Railway which opened on December 4, 1852 between Industry Village (now Joliette, Quebec) and Rawdon, Quebec, Canada.  Apart from a street in Rawdon and the Dorwin Falls that are named after him, much remains to be discovered about him.
Dorwin Falls

He was born in the United States but did he ever become a Canadian?  Why was his furniture sold at auction in 1835?   Why and when did the Industry Village and Rawdon Railway cease operation?  How did his mill burn down in Rawdon in 1859? Why didn't his plan to run steamboats on the l'Assomption river ever materialize?  How could a mistake have been made regarding his death date?  What ever happened to his daughter?  And why are there so many errors associated with his name?

Some documents erroneously refer to him both as Jédéhias [sic] Dorwin and Jedehias [sic] Dorwin in the same document.  And according to the records of the Montreal Mount Royal Cemetery, the man buried in section F 104 was one "Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin".  Investigation of the newspaper accounts of the death of Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin, however, show his middle name spelled with one l.

The cemetery records claim that "Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin" was born in New Haven, Vermont and died 91 years, 6 months later on November 12, 1883.  His late residence was 1723 Ste-Catherine Street (presumably west and now the site of a large Jean Coutu Pharmacy).  What were Dorwin's addresses during his lifetime?

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