Dorwin's Onondaga Memories
2003 Glenn F. Cartwright

 Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin's life was rich and varied, and filled with many interests, many of which are only now being uncovered.  In the letter below, we see that at the age of 88, he was still subscribing to a local Onondaga newspaper.  His memories were clear and he was able to supplement these with reference to his famous Journal.  In his letter (publication date and exact publication as yet unknown) he tells of living in Onondaga from 1811-1814 and of being a soldier (which was heretofore unknown).

His Early Recollections of Onondaga County.

Montreal, Jan. 12 – I enclose the money for a renewal of my subscription.
    When I inform you that I resided at Onondaga Hollow, (as it was then called) from the 24th of March, 1811, until the 14th of September, 1814, you will not be surprised that I take some interest in your city.  At that time there was no canal, no railroad, no Oakwood cemetery, and only one house in your now great city.  But you had some very tall men, such as Joshua Forman, William H. Sabine, Thadeus M. Wood, Nicholas Mickles, and many others in the Hollow, and on West Hill, such as Medad Curtis, Norman Earl, Daniel Mosely and Bronson.  In June, 1812, I heard Martin Van Buren plead a land case – but then little did I think I was hearing a future President of the United States.  As I kept a journal I will if you desire give you some extracts from it of what the country was, as I was several times at Oswego, and was there in June, 1814, as a soldier.  Captain Thomas Wheeler, of Salina, was my captain, and under Col. Thadeus M, Wood.  When you read this, please bear in mind that I was 88 years old last May, and make all allowances for old age.

    L.C. and Thomas Dorwin of your city are my cousins; perhaps you know them.


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