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There are several burial grounds in Rawdon.
Christ Church Rawdon
The oldest cemetery is next to Christ Anglican Church between Church and  Metcalfe Streets at 3rd Avenue.
St. John's anglican Cemetery, Kildare
St. John's Anglican Cemetery (1841) at Kildare outside of Rawdon.
Rawdon Ecumenical Cemetery
In the last 20 years some burials of all religions have taken place in the Ecumenical Graveyard on Forest Road at Route 337.
Presbyterian Cemetery, Rawdon (Silver Birches)
The old Presbyterian Graveyard is on Church tucked away in behind the Silver Birches -  Bouleaux Argentés on Church Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenues.
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rawdon
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic graveyard is on Lake Morgan Road between 6th and 7th Avenues.
St. Seraphim's Russian Orthodox Cemetery, Rawdon
St. Seraphim's Russian Orthodox cemetery is on Woodland at 17th Avenue.
Mid-Laurentian United Church Cemetery, Rawdon
The Mid-Laurentian United Church graveyard is on 4th Avenue between Church and Queen Streets.
  Rawdon Streetdance 1949
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There are several burial grounds in Rawdon.
Canadiana Gravestones

Here is the list of the gravestones
at Canadiana
as well as a photo of the gravestones before they were bulldozed. The large Corcoran family stone on the right was
among those destroyed.

At one point the Catholic Church in Rawdon decided that any tombstones not being financed would be bulldozed and the spaces be re-asigned to paying families. These original stones were in memory of early settlers and founders of the Catholic Church in Rawdon. They had worked very hard and sacrificed much to have a church established in Rawdon. Descendants of the families had long moved away and there was no one left to subsidise these early plots.

When a member of the church saw a bulldozer in the graveyard pushing these stones over the embankment behind the old graveyard he was aghast. He called another church member with strong Irish roots to discuss the problem. The two men approached Earle Moore of Canadiana Village who offered to have the stones placed beside the church replica in his Village.

A mechanical loader and a flatbed truck and with the help of two other young men, they hauled the unbroken stones up the embankment and delivered them to Canadiana Village. Unfortunately, most of the stones were beyond repair and had to be left on the bank.

List of Tombstones Moved to Canadiana Village

John Daly, son of Luke Daly, died June 9, 1856 aged 19 years.

John Sheilds died June 2, 1882 aged 82. A native of County Down, his wife, Mary Wood.

John Woods August 6, 1904 age 75 years, his wife Ann Sheilds died September 17, 1908