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Introduction to Helen Copping's Stories

This is the first in a series of memories left to us by Helen Copping. She was born and raised in the village of Rawdon, her being descended from one of the earlier families who settled here.. She has left us an invaluable treasure of childhood memories of family life in Rawdon in the early thirties.

Helen Copping writes about Mary Copping who lived on Church Ave. in Rawdon 1930 ... more to come.


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Rawdon, at the time of these stories, (1930 to 38) was still a small 'country' place where most of the people had very little contact with the great urban area of Montreal. During the summer months many 'big city' people spent a couple weeks or months 'in the country', usually meaning the village of Rawdon.

To the country children these seasonal friends added glamour and interest to their lives. Many lifelong friendships were established over these holidays.

Although there was electricity and magneto phones in the village (it would be another 25 years before the amenities finally arrived in the rural area) not all houses in the village had these modern conveniences.






These stories tell of a time when childhood was still a time of innocence. Where, because they were so rare, the smallest gift, even a candy, was greatly appreciated. Where entertainment was most often home grown, requiring very little in the way of equipment. Where little leagues with all their structure and equipment had yet to arrive. Where little ones were expected to amuse themselves and the older ones were responsible for their younger siblings. It was a much simpler life.


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